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Types of Pens and Paints we stock

Pens and markers Pen manufacturers have followed Ladislao Biro's lead in producing new pens. A variety of pens make different ink marks -fine or broad, permanent or temporary - and will mark different surfaces including metal, glass and plastic. With the exception of the ball-point, fine tubes in the pens' nibs carry the ink by capillary action to the tip.

  • Felt tip - The nib is made from natural or synthetic wool.
  • Fibre tip - Resin-bonded fibres last longer than a felt tip.
  • Ball-point - The ink is drawn to the nib by the action of the rolling ball.
  • Plastic tip - Free flowing ink is fed through a hard-wearing plastic tip.


Superglue contains acidic stabiliser (red), which stops the adhesive molecules from linking and keeps the glue liquefied. The acidic stabiliser is neutralised on coming into contact with moisture (blue) on the surface which is to be bonded. Once the stabiliser has been neutralised, the adhesive molecules join together in long chains, forming a solid fixative.


The Hodgkins team are committed to finding you the best quality art, craft and sculpting supplies in the UK. Our experts keep on top of the latest and the greatest tools and materials to keep you creative!


If you cannot find the art or craft item that you need please feel free to e-mail us at craft@howardhodgkin.org.uk. We have craft supplies for all ages and background and genuinely believe that art and craft is a brilliant way to unleash the imagination and unwind!


Donít be bored this evening; try something new from Hodgkin Art Supplies. You could even get the family involved and try some paint by number. Have a look to see what we have on offer!

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